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Welcome to Edith Teter Preschool! We believe that you are your child's first and most important teacher.  We strive to support you in your parenting role, and to provide a safe, stimulating environment for children from birth to kindergarten entrance. The preschool program is licensed to serve children from age 2 ½-6 years of age.

Your preschoolers will be engaged in child-initiated, teacher-supported activities designed to enhance all areas of development, including physical coordination, speech and language, social and intellectual skills.

Our Goals Include:

Our Philosophy and Goals​​

  • To build a partnership between the school and the family

  • To provide a nurturing, culturally sensitive, respectful environment in which to learn 

  • To continue building a foundation for future learning

  • To foster a sense of curiosity, creativity, and self-esteem by providing children opportunities to make choices and decisions

  • To provide high quality foundational experiences for young children

Edith Teter Early Preschool emphasizes exploratory learning and the development of fundamental social skills. Small groups of children meet for half-day or full-day sessions that include planned activities, as well as child-initiated “free work” time. The preschool is staffed by licensed instructors trained to work with children of all abilities.

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