Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers
To provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Parents As Teachers
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    Parents as Teachers is an international early childhood parent education and family support organization serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten, usually age 5.  The service model is designed to enhance child development and school achievement through parent education accessible to all families.  It is a universal access model.
    Recognizing that all families can benefit from support, Parents as Teachers families come in all configurations, from all socio-economic levels, and from rural, urban and suburban communities.  The program is adaptable to fit community needs.  It is a national model, but a local program.  Family participation is voluntary.
    Parents as Teachers National Center develops curricula, trains early childhood professionals, and certifies parent educators to work with parents to provide them with parenting support and information on their developing child.

-  Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices.

-  Provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues.

-  Prevent child abuse and neglect.

-  Increase children's school readiness and school success.

-  Parents are their children's first and most influential teachers.

-  The early years of a child's life are critical for optimal development and provide the foundation for success in school and life.

-  Established and emerging research should be the foundation of parent education and family support curricula, training, materials and services.

-  All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, geographic or economic considerations.

-  An understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions of diverse cultures is essential in serving families.

Parents As Teachers Enrollment

Call for information and to enroll your family in the Parents as Teachers program today!

Carla Scholl-South Park PAT: 719-836-4416

Mary Alice Cohen-Platte Canyon PAT: 1-303-838-7552 


Ever wonder if your child is on track developmentally? Check out our milestone list below.

FREE screenings are available through the Park County Re-2 School District.  Call Carla Scholl at the Edith Teter Early Learning Center to schedule a free screening or for more info:



Birth to 6 months

  • Mirrors you when watching you stick out your tongue or smile
  • Reacts to voices
  • Accepts comforting, like holding and rocking, when upset
  • Coos & laughs
  • Rolls over 
  • Picks up toy with one hand

6-9 months

  • Reaches for a familiar caregiver
  • Begins to sit alone without support
  • Picks up object with thumb and finger
  • Responds to name

9-12 months

  • Crawls
  • Walks around furniture or crib rail while holding on
  • Says Ma-ma or Da-da 

12-18 months

  • Wants a special doll or blanket in bed
  • Feeds self with spoon
  • Stacks two or more blocks
  • Asks for food or drink with words

 18 months-2 years

  • Greet people by saying "Hi"
  • Walks up and down stairs alone
  • Turns pages of a board book one at a time
  • Uses at least 10 words

2 years-2 1/2 years

  • Opens doors by turning the knob
  • Kicks a ball
  • Points to things when they are named
  • Talks in 2-3 word phrases

2 1/2 years-3 years old

  • Dresses self with help
  • Washes and dries hands
  • Walks up and down stairs with one foot per step
  • Cuts with child sized scissors
  • Understands four prepositions-on, under, in, beside 

3 years-3 1/2 years

  • Plays cooperatively with another child
  • Showing interest in toilet training or toilet trained
  • Draws or copies a complete circle
  • Combines sentences with the words "and," "or," or "but"

3 1/2 years - 4 years

  • Tell stories
  • Would rather play with other children than by themselves
  • Play cooperatively with others
  • Dresses and undresses without help except shoelaces, buttons and zippers.

4 years - 4 1/2 years

  • Buttons one or more buttons
  • Draws recognizable pictures
  • Follows a series of three simple instructions

4 1/2 years - 5 years

  • Show leadership among other children
  • Goes to the toilet without adult help
  • Swings on swing, learning to pump legs by self
  • Writes first name


Questions to ask your child?s doctor:

Is my child?s development on track for his or her age?

How can I track my child?s development?

What should I do if I?m worried about my child?s progress?

Where can I get more information?

FREE screenings are available through the Park County Re-2 School District.  Call Carla Scholl at the Edith Teter Early Learning Center to schedule a free screening or for more info:




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