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Early Care And Education

Parents and caregivers need to be supported with services and policies that help strengthen families, prevent abuse and neglect, aid caregivers struggling with adversity, and promote positive parenting so kids can develop their potential. A positive community can play a vital role in supporting parents whether it’s through spiritual support, addiction support, emotional support or many other ways. Engaged communities can help parents and caregivers develop nurturing relationships with their children.

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Encourage children and young adults to discover the joys of reading and the value of using libraries.

The video series describes the path of children’s learning and development from birth to eight years old. They’re designed so that everyone who cares for young children can play an important part in giving Colorado’s kids a healthy start.

Is a quality rating and improvement system that monitors and supports early childhood programs and helps parents navigate child care

Deer Creek Preschool staff will encourage each child’s growth in all areas of development including self-esteem, language and literacy, social and emotional development, science and math, the arts, cognitive, and physical growth.

Ages & Hours: Ages 2 ½ to 5 Full and Half–day classes, 1-4 days per week  depending upon age. Developmentally appropriate learning activities, creative arts,  large muscle movement, nutritious snacks, story time, music, dramatic play, field  trips, speech and motor therapy, hearing and vision screening. 640 Hathaway St., Fairplay, CO 80440

Sainnyam Sunny Pool

A family child care with a maximum capacity of 12 children. The home-based provider serves children in the age range of 6 wks.- 13 yr. 300 3rd St. Fairplay, CO 80440

Tiffany Huntley

A family child care with a maximum capacity of 9 children. The home-based provider serves children in the age range of 6 wks.- 13 yr.

Children and families make the transition to kindergarten every year. Parents, caregivers, and educators can use this Kindergarten checklist to start the new school year off right.

WIC – Women, Infants and Children – Fairplay

Serving: Pregnant, breastfeeding/postpartum women, infants, and kids up to 5. WIC offers free food, nutrition ed, breastfeeding support, health referrals. Higher income eligibility, suitable for working families. Contact WIC Educator: Kari Gallinger 303-816-5974 or 719-836-4161.

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